Our Why

You're tired of long email threads

The average post-shoot customer lifecycle is about 60 days and photographers are tired of long email threads with customers, communicating about deliverables and their deadlines.

You're creative profession is now an administrative job

The biggest nightmare for photographers is not about clicking great pictures or producing creative films ; its about ensuring that clients are kept informed and are happy till the last deliverable is delivered. And without the right technology or with spreadsheets, this becomes a humongous task.

You're clients love your work, but are unhappy with the support

You want to deliver the best, but you are not able to. You are super frustrated checking emails, whatsapp messages and spending most of your time in these tasks and end up losing focus on the actual business - - creating memories.

You're fed-up of experimenting various tools built for photographers

There are so many tools built for wedding photographers in the market today with too many features. It may be overwhelming for you to adapt and change to new technology. Some may not solve your need because you only shoot limited weddings a month and you're happy with spreadsheets, but you are looking for a way to impress your customers, without complex tech.

Providing customers with a hassle free post-shoot experience is one of the hardest parts of running a wedding photography business. Merake's mission is to simplify that, one dashboard at at time.

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