The Next Big Thing For Wedding Photographers

Merake is a simple tool that helps wedding photographers impress their customers with a beautiful dashboard and showcase their work more efficiently. dashboard(laptop with mdpi screen)
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Give your customers the post-shoot experience that they deserve

Provide your customers a beautiful dashboard.

Impress your clients by showcasing pre-production and post-production information in a beautiful dashboard.

Provide your customers a beautiful dashboard.

Break-free from your spreadsheets.

Forget spreadsheets and the constant need to update them. View & track all important client information in your super-admin dashboard

Break-free from your spreadsheets.

Eliminate emails by 95% & impress your customers

Eliminate emails by 100% and chats by 80%, drastically reduce any communication gap with your clients & increase work load efficiency

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Reduce human errors. Drastically.

Make your data work for you and reduce human errors by 95%, and focus on your passion.

Reduce human errors.  Drastically.

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