The Next Big Thing For Wedding Photographers & Their Customers

Merake is a simple and efficient tool that helps wedding photographers provide their customers with a world class experience throughout the service lifecycle.

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Merake is built by wedding photographers for wedding photographers

I crafted Merake after practising wedding photography for over 11 years. My company Studio 31 has captured over 8000 events, serving over 4500 couples.

Merake's purpose is to enable wedding photographers, simplify their communication with their customers and provide them a memorable, hassle-free experience throughout the entire service life-cycle, one dashboard at a time.

Pranesh Padmanabhan, Founder & CEO

Provide your customers a beautiful dashboard.

Impress your clients by showcasing pre-production and post-production information in a beautiful dashboard.

Provide your customers a beautiful dashboard.

Break-free from your spreadsheets.

Forget spreadsheets and the constant need to update them. View & track all important client information in your super-admin dashboard

    Break-free from your spreadsheets.

    Eliminate emails by 95% & impress your customers

    Eliminate emails by 100% and chats by 80%, drastically reduce any communication gap with your clients & increase work load efficiency

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    Reduce human errors. Drastically.

    Make your data work for you and reduce human errors by 95%, and focus on your passion.

      Reduce human errors.  Drastically.

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