Why we built Merake?


Winning someone’s heart isn’t an easy thing to do. More so, if you’re a wedding photographer who is capturing the most important memories of a couple on their big day. It takes a good amount of effort, fueled by the right vision to ensure you deliver what you promise.

And mind you, clicking great pictures is just the tip of the iceberg. A great customer experience is key in ensuring that the complete customer journey is enjoyable and stress-free -- and not an exercise of multiple follow-ups over phone or email.

Stuck in a similar loop? Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Presenting Merake - A simple and efficient tool that assists wedding photographers to unify their pre production, production and post production processes onto a single dashboard and keep clients updated every step of the way.

Picture this - A 360 degree view of all your event details, progress and status of your deliverables, contact information of your account manager, assigned crew members, your custom photo book specifications and your payment information -- All of this, and in one single click.

With Merake, we have eliminated email communication by 99%, have ensured real-time updates and have made the whole process of post production easy and breezy. Yes, again no manual follow ups.

We’re trying to not just win customers, we are putting customer service at the heart of everything we do.

The next big thing for wedding photographers and their customers is here - Say it loud with me - Merake!


Founder | Merake

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